MUX: The Series is now OPEN!

"My date cancelled. Which was, actually, a non-date date with my brother, making the canceling a special alien breed of rejection." (beat) "I'm not creepy." - Casper, Karma Is A Funny Thing

Inspired by a meshing of original cable television series, MUX: The Series centers around the life and times of the citizens of Los Angeles, California. Hailing from all walks of life and headed in every which direction but loose, these people struggle to keep some sense of normalcy in their abnormal world. Chock full of cinematic flair and over-the-top situations, MUX: The Series hopes to bridge the gap between watching your favorite shows and playing in a similar universe that has brought us characters that we've grown to love.

You can play any kind of character you want… so long as they are "real" in the sense that they're not supernatural. What's the fun in that? Well, just you wait and see! What's most compelling aspect of a character, anyway? Their humanity! The possibilities are in the zillions (almost literally, when it comes to Picture-In-Picture; see news PIP), especially in L.A.

On MUX: The Series, everyone is a Feature Character!


port: 1941

It's not real life, it's reel life.

Need help figuring out how to connect to the game? E-mail moc.liamg|seiresehtxum#moc.liamg|seiresehtxum or Google 'MU* clients'.

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