Ali Larter as… America King


Cinematic Twist Hollywood Super Agent: Female Edition
Sex Female
Date of Birth November 9th, 1974
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Ame, Amy, That Fucking Bitch, Meri, USA, Wicked Bitch of the West
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Talent Agent, Armstrong & Associates
Relatives Father (Marv King), Mother (Irena Kristiansen), Younger Brother (Jagger King)
Significant Other Nada
Pros Mo Money, Who You Know, Hot, Iron Will, Liar Liar
Cons Snark, Addiction (Work), Easy
First On-Screen Appearance Place Your Bets


The life of America King was preset in certain ways the moment she was born and named.

She was, after all, the only daughter of successful film director Marv King and his fourth wife, Danish fashion model Irena Kristiansen. She was born in Los Angeles. She was given a suitably pretentious name. She was raised in the Hills. And like her newly patriotic mother, she was pretty, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed.

It became clear to America early on that everything about her life, right down to her DNA, gave everyone she met a preconceived notion that she was already spoiled and destined to go down a road of entitled celebrity. The model-turned-actress, maybe, or just a celebutante in the fashion rags. Her younger brother certainly accepted his destiny of party-going-rich-kid-wannabe-rocker (and how couldn't he, with a name like Jagger; someone get these parents a new Baby Name Book), but as for America…

No thanks.

She was, however, interested in the film industry; thanks to her father, she got an insider's view and nurtured a love of movies and television. She didn't want to be in front of the cameras, and despite a serious respect for the kind of work her father did, she didn't want to be behind them, per se.

America was always a smart child. The phrase "too smart for her own good" was used by someone, be it teacher or parent, on something of a daily basis. She was bright. Even as a kid, she had a sense of how the world worked. She got people. She understood that, to get ahead, you sometimes had to trample those behind you, playground rules that exist forever. Sometimes that meant being mean, sometimes it meant being polite and sunny, and both came to America with the ease of a fingersnap. Most things did.

Because of that, she was popular in high school and a valedictorian and the head of the debate team and mixed bag of others. Despite that, she was still plagued by her public image every time her family was on Page Six. No one expected her to be as whip-smart as she was when she opened her mouth. At every turn, she unnerved people or, worse, gave them the impression that she was just trying to be a know-it-all dumb blonde.

She went through a phase somewhere between high school and college where she decided to try acting when one of the films her father was working on saw her and wanted to cast her, but— let's not go there. Thankfully, the movie tanked.

It wasn't until America decided to go to school with no financial backing from her parents that she really got an idea of what side of this Hollywood business she could thrive in. Her people skills, competitive nature and impassioned desire to win, combined, made her really damn good at making other people succeed. Maybe if people could see how great she was at boosting the lives of others into success, they'd realize how successful she was. That's what her psychologist said, anyway.

America King graduated UCLA with honours, stomping on her classmates to get there. She was headed for the stars. She started as a publicist, working for a handful of TV stars and an up-and-coming pop star for a few years, but that eventually fell through when the aforementioned pop star decided to have a mental breakdown, hit the drugs and stop listening to her advice about not being crazy in front of the paparazzi. Let's not go there.

America was good at being a publicist, fantastic, even, but she knew where her true priorities lied. She managed to get her licence to represent as a talent agent. Life was full of challenges in order to, yet again, be taken seriously out there in Hollywood, this time as a publicist-turned-agent. America fought tooth and nail, using everything she had (within certain iron-willed moral limits) to climb that ladder, including but not limited to blackmailing and blackmailing — but above all, she used her smarts and her business-savvy.

Her success made her resented by some in the biz, but as far as America is concerned, just because some people have worked longer than her, doesn't mean they've worked harder. Her flair for making the right decisions to for her clients (and her reputation for being a ruthless bitch), and the steady draw of high-powered clients to the agency she worked at, drew the attention of Ambrose Armstrong, superstar agent of Armstrong & Associates Entertainment and long-time friend of her father.

While many people think America landed the job as partner at Armstrong & Associates because of her family connections, she rips the heads off of anyone who says it to her face (or, for that matter, behind her back — don't think she doesn't have ears everywhere). She's been there for a year and already she has her sights set higher. Mr. Armstrong's bound to keel one of these days.


America King doesn’t take crap from anyone. This straight-talking Hollywood agent can be summarized as follows: high-powered, high-fashion, high-horsed and highly-motivated. Jealous, sharp-minded and intuitive by nature (the typical Scorpio), she's tenaciously dedicated to her line of work and channels all of those traits into it. As an agent, it's all about winning, be it for her stars clients' careers or her own reputation. Even her off-time hobbies are about winning. She lives alone and doesn’t have much of a personal life to speak of despite making appearances around town.

Though America will go to unbelievable lengths to make things happen the way she wants them to, and though she's willing to bluff, fast-talk, blackmail and connive to do so, she can also be very charming. She fights hard to make sure, at the end of the day, there's still a good light shining on her. If not that, well, at least her client is saved.

Oh, and she remembers little details and holds grudges. You don't want to be on this bitch's bad side.


On-Screen Appearances

June 19th
Place Your Bets —> America stomps her way through a big name party on a mission to stop her brother from getting into her business (read: getting into her client). Rival agent Mark possibly collects blackmail material.

June 22nd
The Surprise —> After conspiring with Timothy Mintey, America serves as the surprise guest in a sting meeting to try to convince the Pentameter Jones star/co-creator Casper to sign with her.


"Just a typical washed up loser, dresses something like you. Do you know where he is?" — to Reid about her brother, Place Your Bets

"I swear to God and all that is holy, if you don't pick up your phone, I'm going to call it every five seconds and track it down like a fucking GPS device all over Beverly Hills and then I'm going to have a real tracking device implanted in your cute little ass to make my job that much easier. You are too good for him, Alexis. If you're at this party with him, I'm going to have your publicist fired and I am going hire one for my FUCKING IDIOT BROTHER. PICK UP YOUR PHONE." — to a client, Place Your Bets

"Stalking me to the ladies' room, you've sunken to a new low, Mark. What, not getting paid enough at Midas, you have to make women pay for your drinks now?" — Place Your Bets

"You can do something for me as soon as I do something for you. My name's America King. I'm with Armstrong & Associates Entertainment. Maybe you've heard of us." — The Surprise


Amanda Daniels and Dana Gordon of "Entourage"; bits of Ari Gold of "Entourage" turned female to serve as an antagonist to Mark; Marigold Lexton of "Marigold" before she turned nice; various high-powered female leads over the years.

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