Captain N

Captain N


Genre Animated Adventure Series
Network NOW!
Time Slot 10:00AM, Saturday
Premiere TBA
Finale TBA


Kevin Keene was your average retro video game lover. An avid Nintendo fan, he spent most of his days playing the classic NES, instead of doing anything more responsible. On the other side of the television screen, in the kingdom of Videoland, the evil Mother Brain has started to seize control. The two worlds collide when Kevin is summoned from his world to the game world in order to become the Savior of Videoland: Captain N!


Kevin Keene/Captain N: The video game expert turned platformer hero of justice, Kevin is the hero of the series. His high end game knowledge is combined with cool Nintendo styled weaponry to help him lead the N Team to victory over the evil Mother Brain! He's all flash, but has the skills to back it up. Especially, when he's trying to show off for the hotness that is Princess Lana. (Taken by Chance)

Princess Lana: The acting ruler of Videoland, Lana has taken to letting Captain N lead her forces against the evil plots of Mother Brain. She is quick-witted, beautiful and epic royalty. Not to mention she may or may not be the romantic interest of our game playing hero. For the record, though, this is one damsel that doesn't know the meaning of the word distress.

Duke: Kevin's trusty and loyal dog crossed over to the world of Videoland with him. Fifty percent comic relief and fifty percent amazing sidekick, Duke is a valuable asset to both Kevin and the N Team as a whole. (NPC)

Mother Brain: The sinisterly evil creature that's determined to take over Videoland. Mother Brain has legions upon legions of evil cronies to do her bidding, whether they like it or not and she will stop at nothing to have Videoland tightly gripped in her cerebral clutches!

Episode Guide

01 Reset Synopsis: A devastating attack from Mother Brain rocks the Palace of Power and turns the tide in the war. So much so that Princess Lana gets assistance from the Real World in the form of Kevin Keene, a video game guru that's destined to become the superhero known as Captain N!


  • Captain N is a reboot of the original Captain N: The Game Master television series. The creators hope to update the idea and give it a bit more flair, while staying true to the idea that made the original show a small success.




  • Credit goes to Sprinterz on DeviantArt for the Captain N picture above.
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