Lee Pace as… Casper


Cinematic Twist The Cult Superstar
Sex Male
Date of Birth March 11th
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Cas, PJ, Comma The Friendly (forum name)
Place of Birth Philadelphia, where it is always Sunny
Occupation Writer/Star of "Pentameter Jones"
Relatives Brother, Timothy (app-able)
Significant Other Nooope.
Pros Nominee (writing, acting), Creative License
Cons Nobody (to anybody that matters), Fail, Breakable
First On-Screen Appearance Karma is a Funny Thing


Mister Mintey did not always want to be an actor, but he definitely was always a comedian. He drew comics for his high-school’s newspaper and wrote silly little stories around his homework. His big brother Timothy was in on almost every endeavor – but Tim was a bit more practical minded, which was fine, because it left his younger brother to do more of the writing side of things.

Usually, though, they were better when they collaborated, so it was a bit of a sad decline when they went to separate colleges and didn’t speak for a while. Tim met people and had parties and Casper, well, he told the best jokes. Tim graduated first by two years with a degree in Business that he did absolutely nothing with. Casper graduated those two years later with a degree in Journalism and double minors in Theatre and Spanish.

Two years lazy, Tim met back up with Cas, convinced him to move to L.A., so they could work together again. He had a boring job in accounting, and needed his brother there to keep him sane during the downtime. So Cas obligingly moved to L.A. where he and his brother could collaborate properly.

They created “Pentameter Jones” – a brilliant detective character whose amusing antics would play out in small fifteen minute segments on the internet. And, naturally, having zip money to support their vision, Tim went ahead and cast Cas as the lead, Detective Jones. The slots each had a different theme – ranging from the supernatural to the ridiculous – and would always end with a declarative announcing something that Pentameter Jones did or did not like. It wasn’t until the obligatory musical episode that PJ really took off in the internet-ratings and caught the attention of a company wanting to cash in on the latest sensation.

Casper was, wisely, afraid that the producers wouldn’t get what made PJ so great and would run it into the ground, but Timothy now had bills to pay and a family to support and so he sold out. And he convinced his brother to, too.

Pentameter Jones’ leap from the computer screen to the slightly bigger one was not particularly graceful. The show currently suffers creatively, but its fan base is devoted enough to stick around – loving it for loving’s sake and keeping it in cult status until it kills itself or is taken up by a creative who knows how to handle these things.


Casper is very easygoing. He likes people to be having fun, whether or not at his expense – it doesn’t matter so long as they’re laughing. Though, he generally isn’t going to like you if you’re being extra uppity. He also doesn’t like cheats and people who get ahead by stepping on others. It’s all about having fun and doing what you want to do, and he’s constantly afraid that being a part of Hollywood will ruin that – or ruin his fun. Which is what it’s currently doing. Okay, so, he loves PJ and loves working on the screen – weird, cause he thinks he sucks at it – but this isn’t RIGHT. And it bothers him every day.

Besides that, Cas loves the fans. He loves to talk about stuff with them. He’ll sneak onto internet forums and leave stupid memes for people to find whenever too much arguing is going on. He’s also flattered that that one topic about the rumored PJ move (not happening, by the way) has a dream cast and he’s on it. Besides that one person who wants Tom Pitt, he’s a fan-favorite.

Unfortunately, he can also become quickly frustrated, and often does in this environment. In fact, he’s almost constantly frustrated with his brother for getting him into this and then never being around to help. Cas hasn’t grown the instinct to get along with a bunch of Hollywood crazies, and he was never really prepped to be in the public eye so he doesn’t always do so great socially. This is probably one of the reasons he’s never shot to stardom – but that isn’t really what he wants, anyway, is it.

On-Screen Appearances

June 19
Karma is Funny Thing —> Walking Fail. Cas runs into Savannah on the boardwalk. The meeting leads to a lunch date after Cas' brother has canceled on him. Over sandwiches, a conversation ensues about life.


  • "Yeah, it was originally 'Pentameter Jones dislikes those who disrespect sporks' but they made me rerecord it." - '08 interview
  • "My date cancelled. Which was, actually, a non-date date with my brother, making the canceling a special alien breed of rejection." (beat) "I'm not creepy." - Karma is Funny Thing


  • Cas has learned to speak without dialect, but when he's especially tired or upset, the Philly can appear (catch those vowels)
  • Accents he fakes: English, Scottish, German, Middle-eastern (.. because it's fun). As Pentameter, he's actually slightly Irish.


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Casper as the indomitable Pentameter Jones

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