Genre Comedic Supernatural Drama
Network NOW!
Time Slot 8:00PM, Tuesday
Premiere TBA
Finale TBA


Eden, California.

This city was as close as you could get to an actual paradise, these days. Minimal crime, perfect weather and a distinct lack of plagues or anything creepy like that. All of that changed when Abel Grant's body was found in Knowledge Park. Ever since then, Eden has become less of a paradise and more of a freaky place to live.

Every evil thing ever has started to creep up from underneath the ground here and it's all thanks to one man: Cain Grant. Abel's twin brother murdered him in cold blood and now the whole city has to suffer the evils of Hell trying their best to use Eden as their through-line to this dimension?


Dena: Stuck with abilities that she never had before, Dena Frost is the quintessential heroine and unsung hero of the Trio. Quick witted, snarky and cursed with a nosy streak a mile long, she's the reason the forces of darkness even have anything to fear in the first place.

Q: Quinten Warren is the brains behind the Trio. He designs, creates, builds and can even throw a punch or two if needed. Big, Black and Brainy, you don't want to judge this book by its cover. At least, not until you've seen the weapons he creates to combat the forces of darkness. (Taken by Chance)

Sam: Samantha Lassiter has always been a rogue and a rebel, so fitting in with the Trio comes naturally. Always quick to kick ass and take numbers, she prides herself on destroying demons and other Hell creatures on a regular basis. An expert archer, her talents definitely hit the bullseye.

Cain: Ruthless and inherently evil, Cain Grant is the man that's to blame for the mess that Eden has become. Owner of the most popular nightclub in the city, Hades, he uses his new found connection with the supernatural to be quite the menace to the Trio. Rumor has it that he may not even still be fully human himself.

Mason: For some strange reason, the forces of Heaven have decided to not step in and fix the problems with Eden. Instead, they've chosen Quinten's brother to use as something of walkie talkie to them. It's through Mason that they hip the Trio to the latest entries from Hell and offer what guidance they can.

Brittany: This ex-army brat finally found a home for herself when her father got transferred to a station near Eden. She immediately fell in with the Trio, becoming close friends with Dena and serves as the undeniable love interest of Quinten. Beneath all the beauty and body, she possesses a keen mind and a couple of army moves that help keep her alive.

Episode Guide

01 Revelations Synopsis: Dena Frost is the new girl in Eden, California. The night she arrives, a horrible murder is committed. A murder that opens the gate to Hell and floods the town with evil. Thrown together by circumstance, Dena and her newfound friends fight to close the gates.




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