Genre Fantasy Drama
Network FanSci
Time Slot 9:00PM Tuesday
Premiere TBA
Finale TBA


Fairy Tales are only as real as you make them. Well, for one particular group of pre-teens, they are very real. Based on the RPG of the same name, Grimm focuses on a group of kids that are pulled over into a world that they only dreamed existed. A world where all their favorite fairy tales and nursery rhymes are alive and… Hell. Trapped in the land of Grimm, these kids will have to overcome their differences and fight together for survival.


Rudy: The Cool Kid. Twelve years old, leather jacket and he smokes. That's pretty much all that needs to be known about Rudy. He's too cool for school and finds that he's more apt to pound on the bullies that pound on the little kids than he is to actually be a bully himself. His hormones are on the verge of becoming too much for him to handle, but he can keep them in check long enough to help the smaller kids stay out of death. (Taken by Chance)

Episode Guide

01 Through The Looking Glass Synopsis: Life in the small, quiet town sucks. Especially for the kids that attend Bohring Elementary. However, things get a bit more exciting, and dangerous, when a group of kids stumble across a portal to another dimension. The catch is… there might not be a way back.




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