Honour Allegra Fairchild

Willa Holland as… Honour Allegra Fairchild


Cinematic Twist Rich Bitch, Queen Bee
Sex Female
Date of Birth June 1, 1993
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases H, That Bitch!
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Ruling Beverly Hills High
Relatives Father, Robert; Mother, Yvonne; Siblings: None
Significant Other Chance (on-again, off-again)
Pros Mo Money, Hot, Star Power
Cons Snark, Drama, Easy, Addiction
First On-Screen Appearance TBA


Honour Allegra is the only child of powerful entertainment lawyer Robert Fairchild and his socialite wife Yvonne. While daddy is busy negotating multi-million dollar contracts in return for a handsome fee, mommy dearest is popping Percosets and fussing over her purebred teacup chihuahuas. Like so many children of the wealthy and powerful, Allegra was overindulged and undersupervised her entire life.

Nannies and au pairs were a staple in the Fairchild household from the moment she was born. As long as she looked nice, knew the social niceties at functions, and didn't disturb father when he was working, her parents would turn a deaf ear on any complaints about her behaviour.

Her mother simply adored her, but in a way more appropriate for loving pets or dolls. She loved to take Honour out to shop for pretty dressed and get her hair done, nails, make up, even plastic surgery to remove a mole when Honour was nine. And then there were the kiddie pageants. While at least Yvonne never went fully into pageant mother-mode, Honour still traipsed up and down the runway every time a pageant was in town and even managed to take home a few crowns.

Her father was a stern and gruff man, used to barking orders and having them obeyed. It wasn't that he didn't love his wife and daughter, but he simply had no idea how to relate to the gentler sex. Mostly he dealt with this by avoiding it altogether and simply keeping his distance, after a few instances of making Honour cry when she was young. He tried to make up for this emotional distance by getting the ladies anything they wanted.

Throughout her schooling, she maintained a pretty steady C average, sometimes wavering up to a B or down to a D, but never straying too far from the median. It wasn't that she wasn't capable of better, but she had other things to do. Her mother had her enrolled in riding, tennis, swimming, piano and voice, while she managed to coerce her peers into letting her be Class President throughout her elementary school career.

By middle-school, her attention drifted from these sanctioned activities to extra-curriculars of a different sort: boys, fashion and popularity. With her little clique of likeminded girls, she managed to rule the school, and carried this right through into high school.

While it is mostly a charmed life, it isn't without its pressures. Her mother's fixation on her always looking her best has given her an addition to diet pills and a tendency towards anorexia, while she handles the stress with a range of antidepressants prescribed by her therapist and a fair amount of teenage binge drinking. To compensate for the fact that she is up half the night at the hippest clubs and parties and then needs to show up to school the next morning looking her best, she downs caffeine pills like candy and washes them down with designer coffees. There's also that slight shopping addiction of hers…


From her father, Honour has inherited the sense of entitlement that anything she wants should simply happen that way. From her mother, she inherits a mighty sense of superiority. These are dangerous traits to have imbued in a single teenage girl. As long as things are going her way, Honour can be quite pleasant. She's outgoing, vivacious, and has a great wit. Once things turn sour though, that wit turns into mighty snark, and she will smack a bitch down to get what she wants.

She is also one of those annoying types who lives the wild life around her peers and then turns into the Perfect Child around adults, especially her teachers. This isn't even so much an intentional thing as a result of years of conditioning on how to act in social situations.

On-Screen Appearances

Scene Starring
2010-08-06: Keeping Order chance honour paulina
2009-06-17: Easy Does It chance honour



Every Hollywood High needs a Queen Bee! Most notably, Regina George of Mean Girls, and Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl.

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