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MUX: The Series — Overview


Inspired by a meshing of original cable television series, MUX: The Series centers around the life and times of the citizens of Los Angeles, California. Hailing from all walks of life and headed in every which direction but loose, these people struggle to keep some sense of normalcy in their abnormal world. Chock full of cinematic flair and over-the-top situations, MUX: The Series hopes to bridge the gap between watching your favorite shows and playing in a similar universe that has brought us characters that we've grown to love. It's not real life, it's reel life.


MUX: The Series takes place in Modern Day, Los Angeles, California. It's literally the cinematic version of real life, as seen on shows such as Weeds and Entourage. Los Angeles is a controversial, wild and insane place to live. Just about anything and everything can happen within the city limits, but there's one thing you can be sure about: There's no such things as vampires.


Seeing as how MUX: The Series is basically an on-going textual cable tv show, there's no reason that players shouldn't be allowed to draw inspiration from (aka rip off) characters that they've grown to love in their viewing of television. The easy ruling of this is that it's okay, but do try to make it your own in some form or fashion. Direct translations will be denied and you will be thrown into the Hall of Shame. If you need some assistance with taking a character and twisting it into your own version… talk to Staff. We're good at ripping shit off.


In Production…

Hints & Tips
- Want to join a scene, but don't have a reason to be in a certain place at a certain time ICly? MAKE ONE UP! Make it a plot point in and of itself!
- Don't know why your character would interact with another character because they're so different? MAKE UP A REASON! Maybe there IS a connection. Maybe they're put in unlikely circumstances! Scheme it out.
- Wonder where your character is going in life as nothing major has been happening to him? MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN! (Also see: news challenges)
- Be creative. Try starting a scene that cuts straight into the middle of something that was already going on. Jump from place to place in a scene to play with momentum. Like a TV show!
- Grab onto other characters' plot hooks.
- Don't be afraid to take risks in any shape or form. Just gun it, baby!
- Give your characters challenges and goals and failures.

The Details



The rules are: THERE ARE NO RULES!

At least, there are fewer standard "rules" than you'll usually come across on a MU*, because we're all about having aa good time and making stories. You'll find them scattered throughout the news files in the form of boring things like idle timeouts and the more exciting and simple how-tos for making a character and posting scenes. The main rule is this: HAVE FUN!

Oh, and don't be stupid: read news etiquette.


Drama has a place on MUX: the Series. That place is In-Character! Out-of-Character drama has no place here!

We're here to have fun and make interesting stories. ICly, some of the characters might be bastards (not mentioning any names *cough*), but OOCly, don't be rude. Don't hate on your fellow players. Don't harass them. If you're having a conflict with another player, talk to them. You might find that whatever the problem was, it wasn't that big of a deal, even if you think you're kind of a big deal. Staff will intervene if we have to, but unnecessary jackassery is not our favourite thing ever, so we will fire you from the set if you tantrum like an actress who could've been a star, but decided to shoplift instead and thus thrust her career into the toilet, with her only hope of being noticed is being Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher, but we're not going to mention any names, Winona Ryder. We don't want to do that, 'cause we're nice. So be nice, too. Done. Next?


There is no limit on how many characters you can play here, save for the limits you put on yourself! Go forth and create new and interesting characters to interact in the crazy land of LA. If you can't keep up with all your characters, that's a sign you should maybe shelve some. Alternate characters are subject to idle nuking if they're not logged in within ___. (See news idle.)

We encouraging scheming about how to off 'em instead of letting them fade into a plot hole.

Please create only one alt at a time and preferably have your other character(s) in play before apping a new one.


The Series is rated TV-MA. We drop F Bombs here, people. With this in mind, we ask that our players be 17 or older and act maturely and all of that jazz. If you don't know what acting maturely means, then, you fail as a person and should log out at this moment.

Think of it this way: if MUX: The Series was airing on television, its viewers are not going to see anything that's, well, not allowed to be seen on television unless you're paying for porn. And we're not payin' to see your characters getting down and dirty in a detailed XXX-rated fashion and, newsflash, we don't want to. There's this thing called "Fade to Black". Use it. Embrace it at suitable moments. Get your rocks off somewhere else. Like real life!

To a lesser degree, the same goes for intensely graphic violence. Sopranos: cool; SAW movies: give a warning. Also, while controversial subject matter is cool to a point, things that could be deeply disturbing beyond interesting storytelling aren't necessary. Use common sense, but on the other side of the coin, don't be easily offended! It's fiction. Yay!


The wiki is where it's at. Scenes are posted here, and other informational stuff like these news files as well as cast pages can be found there. We encourage people to dive into the wiki and be creative. Feel like adding pictures to your scenes? Go for it! Want to add extra sections to your cast page? Do it up! The sky is the limit! Rock that casbah.

For wiki help, hints, and tips, see the Wiki Guide.

To get a gold pass into the wiki, go here.


Character Generation is a pretty simple process. Chargen contains the following sections: Background, Personality, Cinematic Twist, a wacky unique +sheet, and +finger setup. But CG will tell you all about that. Follow the directions on game to get your character set up and awaiting the stamp of approval from the most excellent staff of MUX: The Series.

See also: news +sheet.


Overview: MUX: The Series comes with a mandatory, but fun, +Sheet. Unlike some other games where Stats and Such are used arbitrarily or on a more regular basis, the +Sheet and Stats System of MUX; The Series is purely for Entertainment Enhancing Purposes Only. It's a fun feature that is designed to assist in making scenes better or even changing them up on the spur of the moment. Nothing that's "rolled" will ever take precedence over a player's own thoughts and desires for a scene, but it's a fun option to have if you like to change things up a bit.

Rating: The Stats System works on a 5 Star Rating scale. It's fairly easy to understand, as it ranges from 1 - 5, producing a broad range of possibilities to end up with in terms of +Rolling on the game. Here's the rating system:

1 Star - Epic Fail
2 Stars - You Suck
3 Stars - Not Too Shabby
4 Stars - You Rock
5 Stars - Epic Win

Pros & Cons: Pros and Cons are elements that can be used to enhance game play. Obviously, Pros are good things that can help you in any variety of ways and Cons are bad things that can hinder your attempts to reach your goals. There is no limit to how many Pros or Cons a character can have, as they have no real bearing on anything except Roleplay. There are no points or base stats for them to raise or lower. Besides, this is reel life. People are complicated. We just ask that if you're going to take some Pros, then take some Cons too. Nobody's perfect. Not even Halle Berry. With her fine ass.

You may, of course, choose from the list below. But if you think we've missed something, feel free to contact Staff about making additions to the list!

Pros Cons
Mo Money: Richer than everyone you know? Got those Oprah bucks? Do you make Bill Gates look like chump change? Make sure you have this on hand, then. Never know when you'll need to roll this to grease some wheels. Bribery is a big thing in L.A. Insufficient Funds: You're broke. Loser. Get a job.
Who You Know: They say it's not what you know, but who you know. They don't lie. Well connected? You'll definitely need this to make sure your name dropping gets the desired result. Who cares if the names you're dropping belong to hollywood producers, police officers or even shady characters of the criminal element. People make the world go round. Snark: Basically, you're an asshole. It's hard to keep yourself from being an insulting bastard (or bastardette) and it shows. Even when you're just trying to be honest, perhaps it's a bit too brutal! People probably don't like you. Even if your clever turns of phrase are friggin' hilarious.
Hot: Being attractive isn't really hard to be in this city, considering the amount of plastic surgeons this place has. Still! It bears mentioning that attractiveness can be a great help in situations involving those that are susceptible to attractive features… no matter where they may be located on the body. Not: Unfortunately, not everyone is the ideal visual personification of sex. You happen to be one of the few people in the City of Angels that doesn't look absolutely fabulous. Some people call this ugly. You consider it: Average.
Guru: Whether it happens to be a natural talent you were born with or you spent years upon years studying abroad in a particular subject, you've managed to become something of an expert in that chosen area. Showoff! Addiction: Prescription pills, narcotics, alcohol,… anything can be an addiction, honestly. If you find it hard to stop doing something you love to the point that it actually hinders your daily functionality… you need this Con. And some professional help.
Star Power: All you have to do is show up to get what you want. Whatever "It" is? You got it. They don't. Nobody: You are nothing special. In this city, that can be a fate worse than death by being a man on The View and disagreeing with the entire cast.
MVP: Athletics is the name of your game. Any kind of physical activity, whether it be sports, exercising and working out or just a generally physically active lifestyle… you are fit as freshly fermented fiddle! Stamina is key to.. certain things. Token: Race is always a very touchy subject. So to make it easier on everyone, if you're not white and straight, you may want to consider taking this Con.
Nominee: Performance is a great thing and this is for those people that are very good at what they do. Singing, dancing, acting, writing, mime… ing. Whatever artistic talent that you may happen to excel at deserves a nomination! Get one! Drama: You are a drama queen. Everything is always the end of the world. Emotional basket case. Whatever you want to call it. Not being able to control your emotions can be a bad thing… even if this does cause scenes.
Doogie: You're a genius. Smarter than the average bear. The Brain with no Pinky. You know the routine on this one. This usually comes standard with a pocket protector and glasses, but there are exceptions to this rule. Bad Rap: For whatever reason, through gossip or tabloids or just general knowledge of the city, you have a bad reputation. This cannot be good for personal morale or getting favors done.
Iron Will: Unbreakable resolve and determination. You are very good at standing your ground and not letting yourself be persuaded by… things. No matter how yummy they may look or smell. What? I'm talking about Brownies! Choke Artist: Being good at something is a good thing. But being put on the spot is not a good thing. Neither is stage fright. Or performance anxiety of any kind. This all can be wrapped up into one fairly common occurrence known as choking. And you make it an art form.
Liar Liar: Your pants are always on fire. But you still have some kind of strange ability to tell the truth while lying. Call it equivocation, call it stretching the truth, call it a little white lie… but you can do it and you can do it well. Most of the time. Urkel Syndrome: Did you do that? Yes. Clumsiness cannot be ignored. Some of coolest people on earth have a habit of tripping over their own feet. Not a very graceful way of life, but there it is. Deal.
Fight Club: The first rule of Fight Club is… well, you should know that. But the second rule has been changed to to you taking this Pro if you are well versed in any kind of physical combativeness. From street fighting to savate, this covers the vast array of martial arts gurus that could possibly pop up. If all you can do is throw a punch or two, though, you don't get this. You get to pray. Easy: The Sack. It doesn't take much to get you in.
Die Hard: Maybe you're related to Steven Segal. Or you're just too durable for your own good. This isn't beyond human means or anything, but for some odd reason you just can't seem to die. How the hell you managed to recover from the Tibetan Spider Monkey Flu, nobody knows. Only thing left to really say is: Yippie-Ki-Yay Motherfucker. Airhead: Not the sharpest knife in the drawer? A few fries short of a Happy Meal? Don't understand what either of these phrases mean? Exactly. Add this Con.
Creative License: You are very important within your own little world. This allows you to do something that not everyone else associated with you can do: Break The Fourth Wall. That's right, there are a select few individuals that are so beyond themselves that they actually "know" about the Fourth Wall. It happens to be the closest thing anyone will ever have to a super power. "Time Out!" Screwball: You're insane. Crazy in the coconut. Mad as a March hare. Sociopath? Hear voices? Count the buttons on the shirts of everyone who passes you by? Taste the rainbow? Whatever kind of whackjob you are, think of this Con as your own personal Nutso-Meter.
Jump The Shark: You're not lucky. You don't have skill. But for some odd reason, things happen to you on an irregular basis that kind of puts you in the mindset of it being a "once in a lifetime experience". Whether you're the one person, out of 40, 000 applicants, to be selected for a NASA Civilian Exploration Program. Or if you're the whim-playing powerball winner of 50 Million dollars. This could be for you. Breakable: Not to be confused with M. Night Shalaladingdong's superhero movie not of the same name, this is for those people that are easily bruised, battered and broken. Whether you just have a glass jaw or you have a habit of ending up in the ER, if you break easily, this is for you.
Win: Your luck is made of Win. Awesome. Fail: Your luck is made of Fail. FML.

The Flair



Seeing as how MUX: The Series is a textual television show, it is painfully obvious that actors and actresses will be used to better visualize the characters. This is a "mandatory" option, as you can't have a television show without actors and actresses. PBs ("Played Bys") will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. Exceptions and recasting will be allowed in the cases of dropped/idled out characters, as long as the new character is vastly different than the original. Joss Whedon does it all the time.

See also: news dibs.


NPCs, or Non-Player Characters, are a part of every roleplaying game. The TV and movie equivalent of NPCs are extras, minor characters, and small recurring roles. That's how we treat NPCs here on MUX: The Series.

Anyone can play an NPC. Does your character have an assistant who doesn't have a player yet? NPC! Does your character's wacky brother visit every Thursday and cause hijinx to ensue? NPC! People are everywhere, and your characters interact with more than just the folks we see when we hit +where. Have fun with NPCs. Ask if anybody wants to NPC these characters (see news casting call for the lo-down on how to do so). If someone tries an NPC on for size and likes it, they can insert them in scenes whenever they want as a minor recurring character.

(The only time you need permission to NPC is if the NPC is meant to be a person of serious authority or a dude who plans to, say, kill everyone in Beverly Hills.)

Oh, and don't do an entire scene with just an NPC you're playing yourself, 'cause dude, that's kind of desperate.

And then… we have Cameos. Continued in news cameos. See also: news dibs.


MUX: The Series is the textualization of modern day television and therefore, it stands to be realized that certain things happen on television. These come in the form of Special Guest Stars or Cameo Appearances. These can range from bands to celebrities to actors or directors. Pretty much anyone in the public eye, RL, is available for use of a Cameo Appearance. The MUX: The Series staff asks that before you use someone in a cameo capacity that you send in a +Request detailing who they are and what you want to use them for and if they will be playing themselves or will it be more of a 'Surprise PB' kind of thing because they are playing a fictional character you've made up. The possibilities are about as neverending as that story, but staff would just like to be able to sign off on what's going on in the game. We don't want this to turn into MUX: The Cameo Appearances, don't you know.


In conjunction with News NPCs, there is the ability to call "dibs" on certain PBs. Each player is allowed 3 Dibs, total, regardless of their alts amount. Dibs are reserved for crucial NPCs that may be heavily plot related or recur on a regular basis. Characters like daughters, bosses, spouses and the like, fit into this crucial category without too much fail. Random instances of NPCness or someone that shows up once or twice doesn't really need a PB anyway, thus they are ineligible for Dibs duty. If a player is seen to abuse this Dibs luxury, those PBs will be removed and that player's Dibs privileges will be forever lost like Will Ferrell battling dinosaurs.


See PV Guide


What the flip is "Inntertaniment"? Put simply, it's in-game entertainment. Inntertainment enhances your roleplaying experience in fun, silly, or challenging ways and fosters sceneage. Every week, a post will be made, daring you to work that week's Inntertaiment challenge into your scene(s). We DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU! Players who use Inntertainment will be awarded +props.

For examples of Inntertainment, see the Inntertainment Board!


Sometimes, you'll be in a scene and everything is fine and dandy, but you think: "Hmm, it would be fun to shake things up a little!" but your creative juices aren't flowing (or you just want some fun spontaneity). Well, you're in luck, because here on MUX: The Series, we have a feature we like to call "Improv".

Simply tell staff "WE WANT SOME IMPROV IN HERE!" and choose a category: Comedy, Drama, Action, or Random, and one of us will swoop in (if available) and deliver a scenario from a randomized pool. It might be an NPC that arrives to offer something new and outlandish to the scene or it might be as simple as an unexpected phone call that leads to who knows what. Basically, Improv is there to spark the RP fire (maybe even literally) and it's up to you to take it from there! That is, if you can remember whose line it is anyway…

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