Mari Moon as… Jaq


Cinematic Twist Token rebellious teenager
Sex Female
Date of Birth December 21
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases Mutant (by Honour)
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation High School Student
Relatives Annalise (mother), Matthew (father), two brothers, unnamed
Significant Other Commitment? Ew.
Pros Mo' Money, Nominee (artsy stuffs)
Cons Snark, Addiction (nicotine), EASY (Preppie Bait)
First On-Screen Appearance Thanks for the Tips


Jaquelyn Emily Saunders is the second child of three and only daughter in her family. Her father, Matthew, is a ridiculously successful criminal lawyer, known for getting the worst of the worst off the hook for everything from tax evasion to triple homicide- assuming they can afford him. Her mother, Annalise was a typical trophy wife up until her parents' divorce when she was eight. Annalise left Jaquelyn (who insisted on being called 'Jaq' at an early age) and her brothers Shane and Trent with their father- not that it made much of a difference, they were more or less raised by nannies, private school teachers and television before and after the split.

It became apparent early in Jaquelyn's life that she would be something of a difficult child, often acting out for the attention her parents denied her, and always falling short of just the right stunt to gain it. As she grew older, she moved on from drawings on the walls to fights at school and with her brothers to hair dye, piercings and being caught with the occasional joint. Eager to fix the “problem” as easily as possible, Matthew sent his daughter to her first psychiatrist's appointment at the age of 12, where the game of musical doctors and psychiatric drugs began. Ritalin, Prozac, Paxil, even Lithium; you name it, she's had at least one of everything prescribed for her at some point, though it's highly doubtful that she ever actually needed any of them- but hey, the idea that the problem was something the doctor could just medicate away was a comforting one to her father.

Despite being a very bright, well-read girl, she only ever brought home average grades from school, as she put in the absolute least amount of effort she could, but with one exception. Much to her very sensible father's dismay, that exception was art.

There was never any shortage for funding for arts programs at the exclusive private schools her father sent her to, and she took that for granted, never thinking twice about how her various misbehaviors and lackluster academic grades might put her access to them at risk. After being expelled from just about every private school in the area for everything from selling her unused psychiatric prescriptions to other students to being found in compromising positions in the janitor's closet with the captain of the boys' lacrosse team (and rumours of a similar dalliance with the lead soloist in the girls' choir at one of the more religious schools).

Now enrolled at Beverly Hills High (for summer school, no less), can the Poor Little Rich Girl make it in amongst the common people, or will she finally get into trouble that her Very Influential father can't get her out of?


Jaq is a typical rebel without a cause… or a sense of shame. She isn't afraid to be the center of attention, be it good or bad, and generally gets at least one or two new rumours started about her every week- and some of them are even true!

Sarcastic, cynical and bitter, she is also quick-witted and rarely hesitates to offer a sarcastic comment or acerbic one-liner to anyone that she deems unworthy of her presence- usually those of lesser intelligence or blind willingness to follow trends or 'go with the flow.' This did not make her at all popular among offspring of the crème de la crème of American upper-class society, with the exception of her fellow misfits.

While her family is very well-to-do, she does not advertise this fact, or even dress like it. The majority of her wardrobe is pulled from thriftstore racks, altered from its original off-the-rack state or even stitched together herself (or some combination of the three). In lieu of the designer footwear favored by her classmates, the boots Jaq almost always chooses to wear could probably double as bludgeoning weapons, buckles and straps optional.

She is an extremely talented artist for her 17 years, and on the rare occasions she is seen without a sketchbook, there's usually a piece of scrap paper, notebook corner or even a napkin within reach that will suffice if she gets really desperate. While she has yet to sell any pieces or take any commissions (hey, she is only 17, after all), she is talented enough and has considerable talent, and aspires to get an apprenticeship with a tattoo artist, then eventually take her art from paper and canvas to skin.

On-Screen Appearances

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No one in particular, kind of a mix of every rebel teen character ever. And half my friends in high school.

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