Missy Peregrym as… Kate


Cinematic Twist The girl from the wrong side of the tracks turned reluctant starlet.
Sex Female
Date of Birth July 31, 1991
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases None yet
Place of Birth Whittier, California, USA
Occupation Home
Relatives Three older brothers and a father
Significant Other
Pros Hot, MVP, Nominee
Cons Insufficient Funds, Nobody, Snarky
First On-Screen Appearance TBA


Who the hell's asking? Oh, it's you. Well, there isn't that much to tell that most people would consider interesting, I can tell you that much. I was born in Whittier and grew up in Montebello. People think LA is this glamorous place? They haven't been to East LA, that much is for sure. It's a concrete jungle. My neck of the so-called woods (no woods in my neighborhood!) is mostly latino and there were plenty of gang fights at lunch time at my high school. I might be able to pass for something Spanish, but my mom was a Euro mutt and my Dad was mostly Greek, if you can't tell from my name: Kathleen Moira Nicolides. Call me Kathy or Kathleen, and I will kick your ass.

I always got stuck in the smart classes just because I didn't have an accent, but I'm no brain. My parents weren't rich, but we also weren't poor enough for me to qualify for any scholarships, and with three older brothers, there wasn't going to be enough to go around anyway, so college wasn't anything I was gonna work for. I got C's and B's without trying too hard, I guess. My parents were happy enough with that — after all, they didn't go to college easier. My Mom was a waitress at Denny's all her life, and my Dad, well, he sells washers and dryers at Sears. Glamorous, yeah?

I was pretty good at sports, though. I played soccer and volleyball. For a while, it looked like I might get a scholarship for those, but my senior year, I annihilated a ligament in my knee playing soccer. I was the best in the league, too, and responsible for about 90 percent of my team's goals. They didn't do too well without me for the rest of the season, and the recruiters didn't come out since I wasn't playing. My knee's okay now for general exercise, but it's just not gonna cut it for college level soccer or beyond. That was probably my one chance to do better than my parents, and now it's gone.

So after graduation, my options were limited. Go to community college for high school the sequel? Right. As if. So instead, I joined the work force. I followed in my parents' footsteps. Both of them, because I couldn't find one good full-time job, so I got two crappy part-time jobs. Bob's Big Boy waitress — woudn't my Mom be proud? Oh, right, I forgot to tell you that part. She died when I was 14 in a car accident. No, I don't want to talk about that. Mind your own fucking business. Anyway, the other job, to take after dear old Dad, I work retail in a fucking Home Depot. It's really charming to have guys come in and think they can stump me because I'm a girl. How the hell would a girl know the difference between a Phillips Head and a Flathead screwdriver? Give me a break. Ask me a harder one next time.

So that's what I've been doing with my life — selling paint and lumber by day, coffee and heart-attack plates by night. I moved out of my Dad's house last year after finally saving enough to get my own place, but rent in LA isn't cheap. It's a tiny little studio apartment that is too small for one person, let alone my cat, Smithers. But we make do. I mean, what else are ya gonna do?


While she will argue that she's not, Kate is smart and witty, though the humor usually comes out as biting sarcasm. It's a defense mechanism. She hasn't led a horrible life, but she hasn't had an easy one, either, and she tends to always have a bit of a wall around anything that will make her seem weak or fragile. She also is one of those "pretty girls" who really doesn't see herself as pretty — not because she has a bad self esteem, but because she really doesn't care about her looks or appearance. Makeup and dresses are not something she's ever spent a lot of time worrying about or wearing.

Kate is a hard worker, when she sets her mind to it. She is willing to put in long hours at the expense of her health and happiness, if it means she can work herself up and out of the status quo.

Kate has little patience for fake people. Her instinct is to shove people away when they get close, but she tries not to lie or be a hypocrite, which she hates — she can be brutally honest and this has gotten her in trouble in the past. While she doesn't like fake people, she's not above taking what they offer, however, if she sees that it's in her best interest. To her, this is not being hypocritical but simply "teaching them a lesson" or letting them get what they have coming to them. Her need to improve her life, however, makes her susceptible to some manipulation — she can't always *spot* the fake people, for that matter. Who doesn't *want* to believe what they're told, if the words are flattering?

On-Screen Appearances

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