Megan Fox as… Katrina O'Kavanagh


Cinematic Twist Airhead Action Babe
Sex Female
Date of Birth July 11th, 1986
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Kat
Place of Birth New York City, New York, USA
Occupation Actress
Relatives Father, Sean O'Kavanagh; Mother, Brighid O'Kavanagh; Brother, Aiden O'Kavanagh; Brother, Cillian O'Kavanagh
Significant Other
Pros Hot, Who You Know
Cons Easy, Addiction (Alcohol), Airhead
First On-Screen Appearance TBA


If you've been to the movies at all in the last couple of years, you've probably seen me more of me than my own doctor - I'm usually the one wearing very little, tight-fitting clothing in the latest action flick on your nearest silver screen. Katrina O'Kavanagh - that's O-K-A— well, just look me up on IMDB. My popularity is up 75 percent this week thanks to my latest movie "The Mountains Have Teeth." You'd be amazed at how warm spandex shorts will keep you way above sea level. I know I was. The premier is next week and I'm so totally excited, because I had this gorgeous Vera Wang gown designed…

How did I get into the biz? Well, I'll let you know after you buy me a drink - scotch on the rocks, easy on the rocks and tough on the scotch. It was really simple, actually, and just kind-of happened. I grew up in New York, my ancestors came straight off the boat, like, for-eeeever ago. And we just, uh, stayed! The Family Business is very important to my father and brothers and it takes up a lot of their time. We own the O'Kavanagh Pub in southwestern Queens, but they're not usually managing the front, they're usually in the back chatting with other Irish guys in very sharp suits. What do they do? Uh. Um. I'll get back to you on that one.

Anyway, to make a long story short my dad knew a guy who happened to know a guy in Kansas City, who knew a guy in Vegas, who knew a guy in LA and - well - here I am, a couple of stints as a dancer later. I … bumped into Danny Walsh, director extraordinare, while working one night and he gave me the role of Flight Attendant #2 in the film "Raging Storm" with George Clooney who is, by the way, still incredibly hot and really go— well, anyway, the rest is history! Next I'll be working on a totally fantastic action flick that will blow your socks off and put all the ones before it to shame. And I look great in it too - promise. Now where's my drink? I'm waiting!


Katrina is a girl that is determined to live life to the fullest and get everything she wants out of it. Either her father buys it (or intimidates it out of someone), or she tries flashing a smile (or a body part or two). Normally she doesn't ask for anything too difficult to obtain - now that she's getting acting gigs regularly, her usual request these days is usually as simple as a glass of alcohol or a dance with a hot, famous, or rich guy at the club. On the occasion that she does not get what she wants she nags those involved with subtle and sarcastic hints until someone's mind changes, and usually it is her own as she flits off to the next object of her curiosity. She is not concerned with global events or the evening news - her world stays in the materialistic realm of Hollywood, tabloids, and fashion magazines, and very rarely does it stray. She is certainly not the brightest light bulb in the box, and is easily swayed into do something if she feels that she can gain something from it. Katrina can be a complete ditz when it comes to many things that aren't relevent to her or her interests, but she can be quite resourceful and clever when trying to accomplish something she genuinely wants.

On-Screen Appearances

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