2010-08-06: Keeping Order

Original Airdate: Friday, August 6, 2010

Starring: "Honour", "Paulina", "Chance"

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Notes: King and Queen must keep Order in their Court.


"Beverly Hills High School. It doesn't get much better than this."

That voice belongs to none other than the great, the amazing, the alternatively epic: Chance Elliot. He steps into the building, no backpack, no books. He's Chance Elliot. He doesn't study.

"I'm Chance, by the way. Chance Elliot. I'm pretty sure you knew that already, but hey, what can I say? Who wouldn't want to hear my name again?" Chance smiles out at the camera, as he bobs and weaves his way through a couple small crowds of teenagers. He even goes so far as to slap some fives and shake some hands. "Anyway, what you're about to see is totally classified. Okay, not really. But it is my turf. I got this whole school wired, y'see? Hell, if it wasn't for me, this wouldn't even be a school. It'd be a damn snore fest." Geez, he talks a lot.

"Look, just hang close to me and you'll see exactly what I mean." He turns from the camera and heads off in the direction of his locker, slipping past some random cheerleader, whom he reaches out to smack on the ass.

"Chance! Stoppit!"

Chance just winks at her and sets about working on his locker combination with a smile.

At her conveniently-nearby locker, Honour can currently be found, using the large, high quality mirror to touch up her expensive, immaculate make up. The 'if you have to ask, you can't afford it' lip gloss is dropped back into her purse as she blots her lips, and then she starts fussing with her hair, trying to make sure that side-sweep of bangs falls just right across her forehead. The protest from the cheerleader draws her attention momentarily, though she spares only a fleeting glance before her gaze is back on the mirror. "So. Are we going to that beach party this weekend or what?" she demands of Chance, by way of introduction, still not actually taking her eyes from the mirror. She can multitask!

Across the hallway, at a locker that looks much like the other two, Paulina Precious Ford stands, putting on her 'you don't have to ask, it's cheap' make-up. She lets out a scoffing laugh and rolls her eyes as she listens to Honour talk to Chance as the 'School King' arrives. She shakes her head. "Man…those rich white girls…they seem to get more and more bossy by the year!" Though, of course, this ghetto black girl is one to talk. She can be just as bossy and mean to boot if you get her in the right mood.

There isn't actually anything School Worthy in the locker of Chance Elliot. After all, he doesn't really care about school… well, the classes in school, anyway. He's actually more interested in the company that he's keeping. Like Honour. "There's /always/ a beach party this weekend." Sighing, Chance just kind of tries to shrug. "I mean, when are we gonna' do somethin' else? Somethin'…." Chance has just left his locker open, in order to slide over to Honour and just wrap his arms around her from behind. "My parents are leavin' tonight for Paris…" He hasn't even heard Ghetto Black Girl. Too popular to hear it.

Honour's locker isn't exactly much more school-oriented. There are at least a few books, though they look as though the spines have never been cracked. The rest of the space is taken up with outfit changes, shoes, make up, and hunky pin ups, and of course, the obligatory one of her and Chance canoodling, right front and centre - just below her mirror in terms of prominence. She gives a faint smile as she's held from behind, dropping her hands from her hair so that she can put her own slender arms atop of his much stronger ones. "So long as I can wear my new bikini," she offers in compromise. Though she's ignored it thus far, apparently she did hear Paulina, or at least notice her standing there, since she remarks more loudly and pointedly to Chance. "Ugh, the standards around here are really starting to slip. I should have daddy talk to the principal about that."

Paulina slams her locker shut. Not because of anything anyone said. More because…well, it's fun. As fun as fun can be at a school, anyway. She leans on her locker, fishing through her bag for who knows what. At Honour's statement (it's hard to miss), she snorts. "You know, you're right. The standards around here? They've slipped a whole lot. Too bad I can't run to my daddy to do something about it." She raises an eyebrow, smiling and approaching the pair. "But you know…daddy can't do nothin' for ya when you've got problems with someone! Ya gotta talk to 'em yourself, or there's nothin' you can do to fix the problem!"

Chance finds himself having to turn and look at the loudmouth that's daring to say something to him and his Honour. Plus, he knows she's going to want to turn too so he just starts the process. "Whoa. Seriously? Did you just… you…" Chance brings a hand up to his head, rubbing at his forehead there and trying to think. "I can't… you're serious, aren't you?" All of these statements are so overly dramatic, it's no wonder he's a star! "You mean to tell me that… you actually know who your father is?!"

Surely enough, Honour is quite willing to pivot along with Chance, her eyebrow going up as she regards Paulina daring to come over onto their side of the hallway. She gives a wry smirk at Chance's comment, keeping her arms held tightly over his in something that's a mix of possessiveness and showing off what's hers. "I'm sorry. I don't speak ghetto. Are you sure you didn't get off at the wrong bus stop?" she inquires with a great deal of feigned innocence. She's just trying to be helpful!

Paulina crosses her arms and stares at Chance, finally giving him a fake smile. "Of course not. How could I of all people know my daddy? I'm sorry…'father'. But of course I do. Not all of us are fatherless." She says with a frown. "Oh, really…I must've gotten off at the wrong stop. How could I have have made such a big mistake." She tilts her head. "So, what're you two rich kids gettin' up to? Not goin' to the beach party, are ya? 'Cause it would be a disappointment if you weren't. I hear some hot shot celebrity is gonna be there."

"I am that hot shot celebrity." Chance already knows Honour's going to back up on that, which is why he says it in the first damn place. He just kind of stares at Paulina like she's grown fifty heads. He can't believe… "Wait a second. You got invited?" He unwraps his arms from around Honour and takes a couple steps back towards his locker. "Babe? Uninvite her please." There must be a reason why he's on the other side of his open locker, at this point.

Honour nods emphatically several times to back up Chance's statement. "Where we go, that is where the party's at," she informs this annoying new girl with a haughty tone. There's momentary disappointment as Chance moves away, but Honour is quick to move on. "Yeah, you are so not invited. Who even invited you in the first place?" she demands, actually expecting an answer so that she can arrange for that person to be socially murdered pronto.

Paulina laughs. "Oh, aren't you two just the darndest things!" She shakes her head. "Thinkin' you're the hottest things since toast." She smiles slyly. "Look, I'm just at this school to sing. That's why I got invited here. I'm surprised ya'll ain't heard of me. I'm the best singer in this place!" She says happily. "And it'd be good not to forget it!" Of course, she hasn't mentioned her name. But she's been here a couple years. She figures word would get around, if not only because she's from the ghetto. "An' ya think I'm gonna tell ya who invited me? Giiiiiirrrrrlll, you must me some kinda loco."

"When the hell did ghetto people start speakin' French?" Chance has had just about enough of all this. He really has. It's getting on his last nerve. Because he's sliding around his locker and to Honour's, reaching inside. Of course, he's distracted by the mirrors for a moment and reaches up to fix a couple of strands that are too loose for his liking, even though he lives for the messy preppie look. It could also be a stalling tactic, since he's pretty sure Honour's noticing what his hand is reaching for.

"Why are you still talking? Ugh," Honour can't help but groan, as she's forced to endure yet more conversation from miss Ghetto-Fabulous. "I only care about, like, actually important people, okay? Until you go platinum, don't bother looking me up." She rolls her eyes, already beginning to sidle out of the way so that she won't risk getting in the way of what Chance is plotting. "Anyway, it doesn't matter if you tell me or not. I'll find out. You could have earned yourself some minor points by telling, but whatever." She actually does the hand gesture to go with it too.

Paulina clears her throat. "Looky here now, I think we all got off on the wrong footin'. I'm Paulina Ford. Of course, I know who the two of you are." That's a part lie, but she recognizes them, but she can't, at present, recall their names. "And I know. I know. I'm ghetto-licious and ya'll are richy riches. But…ya'll seem aight. We good?" She holds out her hand.

"Time Out!"

Chance holds his hands up in a T formation to freeze everything. He turns right to the camera. "Okay, I know you guys are gonna' hate me for what I'm about to do. But it has to be done. There's an order to things here at Beverly Hills High and, as reigning king, I have to keep that order. So, forgive me. But duty calls!" He reaches back into the locker. "Time In!"

Chance's hand comes out of the locker, holding a giant mega super cherry hot rod red ultra slushy. It meets with the other hand, just long enough for the top to be pulled off and the slushie launched from the cup and off towards the Ghettolicious One.

"Yeah. We're good."

Honour simply stares at Paulina as the girl continues to fail to get the hint and tries to introduce herself like an actual person. Ew. She simply rolls her eyes, and then takes a final, longer step out of the way, with enough timing and precision to suggest that this isn't the first time she and Chance have pulled this sort of thing. Smirking, she watches the red, icy liquid fly towards the annoying one, not seeming plagued by any bad feelings for all of this.

Paulina cringes as the liquid icy slushie hits her face. She sighs and wipes the syrupy substance out of her eyes and stares at the two others. "Nice. Just…nice. I try ta be all civil like, somethin' some of the badass boys in my hood told me not to do years ago, an' I'm still gettin' slushies in the face from ya'll. Nice. Well, I'll see ya'll 'round, won't I?" And with that? Yes, she's off to the bathrooms to clean herself up nice and pretty like. Can't have the slushie messing up her hair, after all.

"That was awesome!" The cup is thrown after Paulina while she's exiting, before he turns back towards where Honour has dodged to and he flashes her a grin. "Did I get a little more range on that one? Come on, you gotta' be turned on, right?" He winks at her, holding his arms open as if expecting to be showered with so much praise that it knocks him into the Janitor's closet.

Honour just laughs as Paulina gives her little rant about the ways of the world. "Then stay at Ghetto High if you don't like it!" she calls loudly after the other girl, drawing more than a few looks from the other students in the hall, and a mix of annoyance and awe from her peers. Turning back, she gives Chance a once over, not exactly flinging her panties at him. "Grab my purse and let's go," she instructs instead, since he's closer to her locker than she is by now.

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