"Midas: The Golden Touch™"

Type Talent Representation Firm
CEO/Owner/etc. Mark Long
Hours of Operation 9-5 Monday through Friday
Location Los Angeles
Hiring? Looking for Employees, Assistants, Interns and Talent

Mission Statement

Founded in 1969, Midas has a time-honored tradition of representing the best undiscovered and newly discovered talent in the business today. At Midas, we make your dreams our dreams and we will stop at nothing to ensure that you receive your chance to shine.


Mark Long, CEO — The Public Face of Midas.
Candice St. James, Administrative Assistant — Mr. Long's Personal Assistant.
Savannah Dempsey, Intern — Completing an internship while studying at UCLA


Name Talent Contract Details Representation
Michael Bay Director Exclusive; 2 YR Mark Long
Halle Berry Actress Exclusive; 3 YR Mark Long
Mackenzie Culkin Actor 4 Picture Deal Mark Long
Alison Long Actress Exclusive Mark Long
Jane Lynch Actress Exclusive; 2 YR Mark Long
Chloe Grace Moretz Actress Exclusive; 2 YR Mark Long
  • Gold/Purple: Top Priority Clients
  • Green: High Priority Clients
  • Red: Red Zone Clients (You don't want to be in the Red Zone.)
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