Genre Fantasy Adventure Drama
Network FanSci
Time Slot 8:00PM, Monday
Premiere TBA
Finale TBA


"Second star to the right. Straight on 'til morning."

Unfortunately, Neverland is not the same place it one was. After Peter's departure, things started to go downhill in the fantastic world. The Lost Boys fought to keep Captain Hook from overtaking the land, but they ultimately failed. Hook's reign has been going strong for at least six years, though new Lost Boys (and Girls) have found themselves fighting against the tyrant and the new design of Neverland that he has concocted. In a chaotic city ruled by a power mad dictator with an Iron Hook, Neverland's only hope lies on the shoulders of a boy that promised to never grow up.


Peter Pan: The legendary hero of Neverland turned rebellious teenager with attitude. Having left Neverland for reasons of love, he has returned to claim his role as leader of the Lost Boys and lead the fight against the iron hook that is now reigning over the chaotic metropolis that Neverland has become in his absence. Unfortunately, his abilities are substantially weakened, due to the severed connection between him and Neverland. Not to mention that he can't fly. (Taken by Casper)

Hook: Having dropped the 'Captain' from his official name, since becoming the tyrannical ruler of Neverland, Hook is a mean, selfish and greedy bastard that takes pride in controlling the weak and destroying those that dare to oppose him. His hatred for Peter Pan knows no bounds and might even be the only thing that can truly distract his keen and devious mind.

Tink: The scary fairy. She's small, she's magical and she's pretty cute. Too little to really be of much assistance on the battlefield, she serves as the primary voice of reason (most of the time) and the motherly figure to the Lost Boys. Her love for Peter is unwavering and limitless.

Rufio: The self-appointed leader of the Lost Boys, Rufio claims to be the baddest of the badasses. As arrogant as he is cocky, Rufio thinks he's the next best thing to Peter Pan… or maybe even better than the legend himself. Even though he seems to be bent on looking cool and showing off, his loyalty to the cause cannot be shaken and he would die to protect the Lost Boys. (Taken by Chance)

Pronto: So fast, so cool. That pretty much sums up the Lost Boy known as Pronto. A guru on wheels, specifically his trusty skateboard, he serves as the top recon specialist of the group and doubles as a delivery boy, for some of their most explosive packages. He's hard to catch and even harder to keep up with. - played by Bryon Craft

Episode Guide

01 Return To Neverland Synopsis: Peter Pan grew up. Kind of. Returning to Neverland after a seven year disappearance, Peter finds that his disappearance has given control of his former home to his sworn enemy. In order to right the wrongs he must convince the Lost Boys to follow him into battle. That is, if he can ever remember how to fly.


  • The FanSci Network has been keeping a tight lid on the progress of Neverland, which premieres this Fall. However, fans can expect to see one of the most classic stories of yesteryear taken in a whole new direction. It's going to be one hell of a ride.
  • The creators of Neverland have drawn inspiration from classic Peter Pan stories, the hit movie Hook starring Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman and their own original steampunk universe.



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