Pentameter Jones

Pentameter Jones


Genre Comedy-Adventure Sci-Fi
Network FanSci
Time Slot 9:00PM, Friday
Premiere TBA
Finale TBA


Adapted from the smart and popular web series of the same name, "Pentameter Jones" follows the adventures of brilliant Det. Jones as he solves crimes, finds missing persons, saves damsels, utilizes kitchen-utensils are weapons, and stays one step ahead of the mysterious organization following him.

(( The writing style of PJ should be considered similar to Whedon ))


Det. Pentameter Jones: The titular lead. Played By: Casper Mintey

Episode Guide


1 Mystery (Pt. 1) Synopsis: Likes.
2 Conclusion (Pt. 2) Synopsis: Likes.
3 Snails Synopsis: Dislikes.

13 Show Stopping Number Synopsis: Likes. The most highly anticipated and well-watched video on the internet ever.

The TV Show:

1 Pilot Synopsis: Coming soon!
2 002 Synopsis: Coming soon!
3 003 Synopsis: Coming soon!

9 009 Synopsis: Coming soon!


  • Pentameter is acted with a slight Irish accent. His origin has never been fully discussed in the show, however.
  • It was eventually discovered by fans who were paying attention that the title of the webisode was whatever Pentameter would give his declaration about. It became an enthusiastic game whenever the next episode was announced to guess 'Likes' or 'Dislikes' on a popular fansite. This format was abandoned for the TV Show, one of many mistakes made by the studio.
  • Yes, that was really Casper singing in "Show Stopping Number".
  • Casper Mintey (Jones) has sustained several injuries on set during filming, including broken bones.


  • "Pentameter Jones enjoys a good mystery plot." - the original line before it is changed to 'likes' in the repost of the first web-episode.


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