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So you want to play someone with crazy powers, a werewolf, or have epic battles in space?

None of those things exist in real life and they don't exist here… but they exist in tinsel town. Because MUX: The Series is based on the real life of reel life and it's based in and around the Los Angeles/Hollywood area… it stands to be noticed that a lot of the characters that will be played will have -something- to do with the entertainment industry.

MUX: The Series presents: Picture In Picture! PIPs are, basically, IC episodes of TV shows or movies or anything that might occur within the fictional reality of our game's reality. MUX: The Series is like a TV show all on its own that we watch; our characters can watch PIPs (and act in or write them).

PIPs can be done at any time and can involve anything (seriously — it's even more fictional than the rest of the game, so if you have a strong burning desire to play a robot and blow shit up, power to you), within the rating and parameters of the game and will be posted to their own section.

Note: You do not have to have a character based in the entertainment industry to create a PIP. If you have a great idea for an IC Show or Movie that isn't already on the list, then submit it to Staff! You, the Player, become the creator of that particular PIP and are free to run scenes involving it whenever you like! PIPs are, essentially, player run events that are simply guided and organized by the wonderful Staff of MUX: The Series.

Confused? You might be. Here's an example.

Let's say Channel decides he wants to create an IC Show named Hardcastle. He submits a write up of the show (basically, what it's about and what kind of show it is, just general information) to Staff. They look it over and make sure it's not too much like any of the other PIPs. Though, some crossover will be allowed, as that's how things get competitive in the entertainment industry. Once that's approved (shouldn't take more than a Day), Channel is allowed to Cast and Run Scenes for his PIP! How Channel decides he wants to handle casting and such is up to him, but he's encouraged to make it as vastly open as possible to allow the MUX: The Series community to help him push his PIP to better pastures! Episodes/Scenes can be run as many times as Channel wants or until his show is in danger of cancellation!


Logo-Now.gif "We Want It."


Classification: Cable/Satellite

Demographic: Teenagers/Young Adults

Programming: Dramatic Series, Animated Series, Teen Sitcoms, Music Videos

Current Shows: Eden, Spy High, Captain N


Logo-EPIC.gif "Viewer Obsession is Advised."


Classification: Cable/Satellite

Demographic: All Demographics

Programming: Movies, Original Dramatic Series

Current Shows: N/A


Logo-CDS.png "Gotta' See TV"


Classification: Network

Demographic: Young Adults - Adults (Male/Female)

Programming: Daytime Soaps, Talk Shows, Dramatic Series, Sitcoms

Current Shows: N/A


Logo-AfterShock.gif "Breaking New Ground."

RLE: Spike/FX

Classification: Cable/Satellite

Demographic: Young Adults - Adults (Male)

Programming: Professional Sports, Movies, Original Dramatic Series

Current Shows: WWF, Con (Leverage), Drama (Glee)


Logo-ONN.gif "Breaking News."


Classification: Cable/Satellite

Demographic: All Demographics

Programming: News, Current Events, Politics

Current Shows: N/A


Logo-FUX.gif "We Fux."

RLE: Playboy/Spice

Classification: Cable/Satellite (PPV)

Demographic: Adult Entertainment

Programming: pr0n

Current Shows: N/A

SoRe (So Real)

"Are You SoRe?"

  • RLE: MTV/VH1
  • Classification: Cable/Satellite
  • Demographic: All Demographics
  • Programming: Music Videos, Reality Shows
  • Current Shows: N/A


"The New Black."

  • RLE: BET
  • Classification: Cable/Satellite
  • Demographic: African Americans, All Demographics
  • Programming: Black News, Sports & Entertainment
  • Current Shows: N/A


"A Disturbance in the Force."


Logo-Disney.gif "A Whole New World."

RLE: Disney

Classification: Cable/Satellite

Demographic: Family Demographic

Programming: Family Entertainment

Current Shows: N/A

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