Diego Luna as… Reidalgo Bach Juarez


Cinematic Twist Daredevil Guitar Hero
Sex Male
Date of Birth April 18, 1985
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Reid, R.B.J.
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Musician and Reality TV Co-Host
Relatives Marco Juarez (Brother), Francisco Juarez (Brother), Emelia Juarez (Sister), Miguel Juarez (Brother)
Significant Other Everyone
Pros Star Power, Win
Cons Token, Easy, Air Head, Addiction (Alchohal/Anything Good)
First On-Screen Appearance TBA


Some people consider Reidalgo Bach Juarez the life of the party. Some people consider him the party itself. As for his parents, they just considered him another fly in the ointment. The fourth of five children born to Juan and Rosa Juarez, Reid was, like the rest of his family, attended to as best that his overworked parents could.

They weren't rich, his parents, but they made enough to get by. He was a manager at a small produce company, and she secretary for an electronics company. His early life was one of constant competition between his siblings, Reid quickly proving himself to be the most trouble of the bunch. He went to school, made a good deal of friends, took up hobbies. Music was one of them, his father instructing him in the guitar at an early age. He stuck with it throughout highschool, planned to eventually make a career out of his years of practice.

Reid joined a lot of bands throughout his early years. A whole lot. He joined a garage band in high school, he joined three different ones while he attended American River College, with one even managing to stay together after he got his degree. The college itself was difficult enough, especially considering Reid tended to focus more on social aspects than unimportant things like studying.

He drifted through the music industry after that, latching on here and there. He found his place with one particular group, released an album, earned enough to start out on his own. He was good, too. Reid managed to get a deal, decided to take a shortened version of his name as his artistic license. His album was quite the success, appealing wonderfully to the type of person that Reid was: A self-indulgent, party fanatic.

From there on it was nothing but good things. His success was as much due to his personality as his music, Reid managing to land another record deal and several guest appearances on young-adult oriented television. At the moment he's trying to cultivate on his popularity, release new songs, help others in the industry, and, most importantly, have fun.


Reid is a nice guy. He loves his fans, he loves his work, he tries not to trash hotel rooms. He's also got enough energy to power a city block. Reid is a force of personality, constantly moving, constantly doing something, always trying to make life less mundane than it really is. It's not that he's a blind optimist, it's just that he's always got a smile, and he's always got a way to cheer himself and everyone else up when the bad things when they come.

Mostly, he relies on other people. Reid loves people. Reid loves to have fun with people. Oftentimes this means getting drunk, getting high, or indulging in other manner of social chaos. The day isn't complete until Reid has made a spectacle of himself and whoever else he can find. It's one of the reasons that he's got such a following.

Intellectually, he doesn't have much there. He isn't a great seeker of knowledge, nor collector of literature. He read the Tao once when he getting into Zen, but God forbid you ask him what it means. He's ambitious, though. Not in an entirely greedy way, just in the sense that he'll never stop going for what he wants. Sort of like a bird that keeps on flying into a window.

On-Screen Appearances

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More or less a mish-mash of Andrew W.K. and Bam Margera, along with various musical personalities.

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