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June, 2009

Airdate Title Characters
June 13th Welcome to L.A. Dave, Miranda
June 16th Thanks for the Tips Miranda, Jaq
June 17th Easy Does It Honour, Chance
June 19th Karma is a Funny Thing Savannah, Casper
June 19th Place Your Bets Lily, Reid, America, Mark
June 22nd The Surprise Casper, America
June 23rd Mad Beats Miranda, Dave, Bryon
June 23rd Real Cheap Miranda, Dave, Mark
June 26th Bunnies and Bikinis Lily, Miranda
June 28th The Waiting Sucks America, Burgundy, Bryon

August, 2010

Airdate Title Characters
August 6th Keeping Order Honour, Paulina, Chance
August 6th F-Bomb Michelle, Mark
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