Spy High

Spy High


Genre Teen Action Drama
Network NOW!
Time Slot 8:00PM, Friday
Premiere TBA
Finale TBA


The world is in danger. Through the combined efforts of a vast array of terrorist organizations, field agents throughout the spy world have been compromised and eliminated. A problem that continues to plague the hidden society of cloak and dagger to this day. However, in an effort to combat this league of international terrorism, the heads of government agencies from around the world have instituted an experimental program they are calling Spy High.

Handpicked recruits from all over the world are enrolled in the Spy High program, trained and used to fight back against the growing threat. Hidden within the halls of a multicultural high school environment, agents are educated, debriefed and distributed to neutralize problems to the world's security.


  • Alex Rider: Vastly trained and highly versatile, Alex Rider is the top agent attending Spy High. The series sort of centers around the trials and tribulations of this character and those on his team. Stylish, witty and able to kick bad guy butt on a major level, Alex could even give Mr. Bond a run for his money. A junior in High School, he's more worried about who he's going to take to Prom than he is about the nuclear missiles aimed at the Pentagon. - played by Chance Elliot
  • Destiny Kane: The beautiful bombshell that's new to Spy High. Not too much is known about this girl, except that she looks amazing and may or may not have a thing for Alex. She's got skills that go above and beyond most of the recruits intermingled into Spy High, but everybody has their niche, right? Now, if everyone would just trust her.
  • Miles Davis: The token techno guru. Named after the late great jazz musician, Miles is the man with the mental plan. A super-genius, he takes care of kitting out Alex's team with their gadgetry and other cool things. Not the best or social individual, but he's got brains by the pound. Just don't touch anything in his lab. Bad things can happen. Like explosions. - played by Daniel Thomas Townsend
  • Basil English: Spy High's Unified Security contact. Posing as the school's guidance counselor, Basil keeps Alex and his team informed about missions and other things of that nature. In addition, he serves as the only adult some of them have to go to, in relation to their 'teen problems'. The catch is that he's severely British. - played by Anthony Stewart Head (Appable NPC)
  • Mrs. Fox: The mysterious new principal of Spy High, she seems to have eyes in the back of her head, because she's fast to crack down on misbehaviour wherever it happens on school grounds. (Taken by Miranda)

Episode Guide

001 Die Another First Day Synopsis: James Fleming High School's official first day of classes. While Alex tries to get settled back into the swing of things, a new student shakes up the status quo. Meanwhile, a pair of hired assassins are vying for top billing in the terrorism world by battling to see who can kill the Secretary of Defense first!


  • Alex Rider originally appeared in his own series of books. The rights to use his likeness for Spy High were acquired in 2007.
  • This is Chance Elliot's first ever acting gig. Being an athlete himself, he vows to do as many of his own stunts as they will allow.



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