Quick 'n' Dirty Wiki Guide

Let's break it down.

Remember that the cardinal rule of making wiki pages is: steal code from other people's pages. If it worked for them, it'll work for you.

Wikidot References

If you're super new to wiki-editing, and Wikidot in particular, check out:


There's also:



Posting Scenes

Perhaps the most important aspect is the wiki is scene-posting! Remember to use your MU* client to log your scenes.

Step One

To add a scene, go to the Scenes page. Hit edit on the bottom. Add your scene to the list in the appropriate spot (Scenes or Picture-http://mts.wikidot.com/wiki-guidein-Picture) using the same format as the links you'll see there. For example:

|| June 8th || [[[Example Scene Name]]] || [[[Character]]], [[[Character]]] ||

Save your changes. That was the first step!

Step Two

Step by step, oh baby. Now that you've made a link (it would be "Example Scene Name" above, if you had actually entered that code exactly), click it. You'll be given a scary blank page with the option to create a page by that name. Do it. From there, you'll be guided by our Scene Template. You simply select the 2009-00-00 - "Title" nonsense from the drop-down box beside Initial Content: and the template is ready to fill in. Be sure to customize the Title with the 2009-MM-DD date and name of the scene at the top.

Below that, the items you'll need to replace are as follows in yellow:

++ //Original Airdate:// Day of Week, Month Date, Year

++ //Starring:// "[[[Character]]]", "[[[Character]]]"

= [[image http://mts.wikidot.com/local--files/cast/Character.png]] [[image http://mts.wikidot.com/local--files/cast/Character.png]]

= //**Notes:**// short description of scene@@



Add character names and icons (by copy/pasting) as needed, of course. You'll notice our scene info is formatted a little like a script for fun, so EXT/INT stands for exterior/interior, LOCATION refers to where the scene started out, and TIME OF DAY is looking for MORNING/DAY/NIGHT etc.

If there were any Guest Starring roles, add them under Starring by using ++ Guest Starring:@@.

Paste the scene under all that business, edit and fancify it as you so desire, party, and you're done.


Just kidding. You still need to add tags. On the bottom, beside edit, there's a section for tags. Add the names of the characters involved in the scene. If any NPCs or Cameos were involved, add them as npc-name and cameo-name (npc-bob, cameo-ericroberts).

Making Your Cast Page

Step One

Go to the Cast page. Hit edit. Decide where your character fits best out of the "categories" (there's bound to be some overlap, and that's fantastic, just find the one that's the most suited) and add your character name alphabetically into it, using this format:


Done. Save. Next.

Step Two

By clicking the link you've created, go ahead and create a new page like it asks you to do. Obey the wiki. Then, it's easy. In the drop-down box beside Initial Content: is the Cast template, which shows up as Character Name. Erase that junk and put your character's name in, then fill out the template, which is pretty straightforward and if you can't figure it out after reading the rest of this page, I'm sorry for you.

(Actually, staff will help you out.)

Please upload images of your character to your cast page by using the upload tool on the bottom; by copying the link after upload, you can paste it into the image link at the top instead of the default YOUR FACE HERE.


"Log icons" or "scene icons" show up when you post a scene. How? Magic! Actually, Play currently makes them, so don't you worry your pretty little head if you don't have one right away. If you'd like to have a certain picture for your icon, +request it after you app (or later, if you want a new one because you've had an Extreme Makeover or just got sick of looking at your gob from that angle). It has to be high quality and easily useable. If not, Play will brave Google Images without you.

Need More Help?

Ask in game! Have suggestions for what else to put here? Tell us!

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