Genre Sports Entertainment
Network Aftershock
Time Slot 8:00PM, Monday and 9:00PM Thursday
Premiere TBA
Finale TBA


The World Wrestling Federation is BACK! Breaking free from the WWE umbrella, the WWF has managed to secure two shows on the same network to help promote its growth! Monday Night Raw and Thursday Night Fight! pit wrestlers against each other in what are sure to be some of the greatest matches in sports entertainment history!


Vince McMahon: While still the owner of the WWE and pretty much every wrestling venture on the mainstream circuit, Vince has decided to take a more personally involved role in the revival of the WWF. He's not the nicest guy in the world, that's for sure.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: The Rattlesnake is ready to strike! (What?!) He's been raring to get back into the ring for years! (What?!) And now he's got his chance to dominate! (What?!) Obliterate! (What?!) Beat the living crap out of a buncha' two-bit sumbitches that dare to cross his path! (What?!) And there ain't a damn thing! (What?!) Ain't nothing! (What?!) Can't nobody do nothing about it! And that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so! (Taken by Dave)

The Rock: FINALLY! The Rock! Has come back! To Aftershock! For far too long, The Rock has been gone! The Rock has been makin' movies! The Rock has been doin' his own thing! The Rock hasn't been here to make sure that the people are gettin' what they pay for! And for that, The Rock says… he's sorry. The Rock apologizes for leaving the millions… AND MILLIONS… of Rock fans halfway between Jabroniville and Bumblefuck County! The Rock believes that the only way to right this wrong is to come back strong! The Rock is gonna' wow 'em, kapow 'em and LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWN on every Tom Dick Lucy Desi and Harry that comes his way! If you smeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllla! What The Rock! Is! Coookin'! (Taken by Chance)

Stacy Keibler: Click Here for In Depth Profile (Taken by Miranda)

Episode Guide

01 RAW Synopsis: WWF Returns and it's a welcome back party that nobody'll soon forget!
02 Fight! Synopsis: The action truly gets underway as sports entertainment gets shaken and not stirred by some of the world's greatest athletes!





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